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Church Care

As a ministry, your team has delved into the most important piece to learning how to lead and grow an organization well- they are trying to model Jesus and what scripture says about the body. The fix team comes alongside your leadership team and follows a simple process of information gathering to help you connect what you already know scripturally to create healthy organizational structures and a community of candor for growth and connection.

Personalized Leadership Development

Taking notes and reading

You are equipped through seminary to Love God and Love People. You steward this ministry because you were called. As you grow, your demands as a leader grow also.


Teaching a community and leading a staff team require specific skills, and we are here to help you and your team assess your leadership skills, develop and neutralize weak spots and effectively lead a multi-layered organization including attendees, volunteers, paid staff and pastoral staff.

Organizational Support


When starting a ministry, you focused on the vision you were given. You built a core team, you cast the vision. Then, you grew, you launched, and as time passed people continued to come alongside the vision who did not hear it from the beginning. 

Organizational structure is biblical, protects vision and frees people up to serve joyfully in the callings God has given them. Through planning sessions with the leadership team, you an create a clear road map for engagement and growth that not only the managing staff member, but the entire team can clearly navigate.

How We Work

  • Observation and Feedback

  • Best Practice and Process Evaluation

  • Org Mapping

  • Succession Planning

  • Workshops

  • Training Sessions

  • Coaching and progress review

  • Gap identification

Each community has a different culture. We understand that, and our aim is to serve you and your community. We provide skills to close gaps in leadership, so staff functions with a healthy culture of candor allowing iron to sharpen iron.

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"Working with Candice has been an absolute dream. Her ability to envision with me the possibilities that I often can't see on my own has helped me to get unstuck and move forward with clear next steps in my ministry. The combination of her ability to imagine what could be paired with her strategic skills to address the problems of what is with clear solutions makes her an incredibly gifted coach. Our conversations have been infused with joy as her positive and encouraging approach always makes me dream bigger and feel lighter at the end of our calls."


Connect and join the community of leaders hungry to grow their businesses and lead faith forward on our upcoming podcast!

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