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After an executive role in the Fortune 500, I lead as a Founder and Principal for twelve years before selling a firm I built. I was then called into full time vocational ministry, serving as an Executive Pastor in the church community my family still calls home. 


In all of these seasons, I found myself working with like minded leaders who desired to scale their organizations for both profit and impact. Now, I continue to serve others by working with organizations like yours to grow and evolve well. You were made to create as a leader, and the seat of influence in which you sit means you can care for and make a difference in the lives of many!


To do that well your organization should thrive, and to thrive, steps are required to increase engagement, profitability and stability. Together we will map out a plan to prepare you and your team for growth and clarity. 

The Process

My name is Candice Hilse and I specialize in working with C Suite Executive leadership and Onwers. My goal is to connect with you, get to know where your team is thriving and where you have pain points, and to work with you to develop systems and leadership tactics that drive healthy change, and we can do that as confidentially as necessary for your current climate.


Note, I work with you. The goal is to equip you with the insight and tools to begin changing your organization with you at the helm. I specialize in seasons of whitewater, rapid growth and major change for your firm or even your role personally. Trust me. You can do this.

One unique opportunity for a relationship with an individual fixing relationship like mine exists, as well. I am a part of a network of consulting specialists for area specific solutions. This means that as we work through your current skills and structure, you will have access to a network team of consulting experts as needed, to engage in specific departmental building and development. So, whether you have new needs in HR or IT, you will be able to make educated decisions on staffing in house, outsourcing or simply tweaking what you already have in place for the best outcomes for your team and clients.


Your growth and efficiency is our success. 

Let's connect.


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